HOTL Move Central
Hello Blessed HOTL Family,
Wow! What a whirlwind this weekend and week has been. But Praise God! we are moving out and up. God has given us a great opportunity to be a blessing in many areas and we know about the whole seed time and harvest principle. So get ready for some seriously great things to happen.

First of all, let me apologize for this last minute email for what is to transpire immediately, like starting with our regular Wednesday evening assembly. THERE WILL NOT BE ONE!  We have just a few more items in the old building to move out and we will lock it up and be done. Consequently, THERE WILL BE NO LIVE WEDNESDAY NIGHT ASSEMBLY. However, there will be a live stream broadcast tonight at 7pm. We are still making plans for how we will do Wednesdays going forward, but for tonight everybody should watch live stream through the web-site, Youtube or Facebook live. There’s some good information on there as well as some encouraging words.

For anyone who sends mail to the church, please do not send to 817 Howard lane address. We are not here to receive that. Please use
P O Box 140345  Austin, TX 78714-0345 for all future mail and correspondence with the church.
The church phones have been forwarded to the office staff so if you need anything, you can still call the church number and someone should pick up. 512-835-2191

I plan to be doing a lot more email communication so be sure to keep an eye out for news about our journey. Pastor Michelle and I will be officing in our apartment. We know that has become a way of life for a lot of people, but it will be new for us so it might take a short bit to get things set up and figured out. We are also looking to move to a larger house, so we have that to deal with as well. As I said, it may take a while to get set up. We will keep everyone informed of that progress.

This Sunday is Resurrection Sunday and it’s the first assembly in our new space so I invite you all to make an effort to come and be with the Family as we worship and praise God and celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus. I hope to see you all there.

Until then, you are loved and blessed to be a blessing.

Pastor Richard
Last minute moving day instructions:
  • Link to Storage Facility Location (My Attic Storage):
  • Posters are hanging in the building to provide gate code and storage unit number information - take a picture for easy reference while we are moving items
  • Pay attention to what gets moved today vs what must stay in the building for Sunday Assembly (3/28)
  • Certain items will be stored in certain storage units (we have multiple).  Look for signs in the unit to determine what should be where.
Thank you for being a blessing!

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