Daily Confessions
Every child of God has to learn to rule with their words to achieve their full potential. Declaring these confessions daily is a great start to align your world to the truth of God's Word!

Confession to Possession

Use your words to possess every benefit God's Word has promised you.

Covering Our Kids

Biblical declaration over the children of House of the Lord.

My New Covenant

A reinforcement with your words of the strength and benefit of God and His Promises.

Relationship Evangelism

Words to prepare yourself and those around you for receiving God's truth for their lives.

Our Bold Confession

Be bold in your confession of who God's Word says you are.

Declaration to the Nations

Impact the world for the better with the words you have been authorized to declare.

Spirit Food For Success

Here is your daily "Soul Food" confession.

Covering Our Pastors

Speaking blessings over our Man and Woman of God.

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