Daily Confessions
Father, as an act of my faith, I confess and decree that Pastor Jim and Sister Lou are endued
with the Spirit of Wisdom and understanding.
The Spirit of knowledge, ability, and might flow freely through them.
You have anointed and qualified them to preach the Gospel of Peace,
to bring hope to the hopeless, to set captives free, to liberate the poor and minister life and maturity to the Saints of God.
They lay hands on the sick and they recover. The Spirit of revelation and prophecy are released at their lips.
Their sons and daughters rise up to praise their labors and faithfulness as they walk in power and in demonstration of the Holy Spirit.
I decree that no weapon formed against them will prosper, and any tongue that rises against them to judge them is cast down, null and void of effect.
Father, I pray that you prosper them physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and socially.
I pray that the gifts and callings You placed in them come to fullness and excellence in ministry to the saints.
The Blood of the Lamb is upon them and their household for protection, provision and wholeness.
They are Your servants for our good, and I thank You for them and for what You are doing through them. I call them blessed! Thank You Lord

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