Daily Confessions
We gather together in the cause for which the Anointed
Redeemer came: To seek and to save that which was lost, To
destroy the works of the devil, To do the will of the Father,
and To set the captives free.

As a Believer in the Anointed
Redeemer and His triumph over and Resurrection from
death, hell, the grave and the power of darkness,
these signs accompany my efforts on behalf of Kingdom of God
expansion in the earth:
I shall Cast out devils,
Speak with new tongues,
Remove serpents,
Poison cannot harm me,
Hands I shall lay and well they shall be.

Because my Anointed Redeemer took sickness and infirmity on Himself,
I, nor anyone else, should be bound by them.
He carried them away from me and anyone I extend my faith to.
With His Word, His stripes, His resurrection,
through His anointing and my rest in their completed work,
I am healed, whole and well.
The Anointed Redeemer paid an awesome
price for me to be sickness-free.
I refuse to allow sickness,disease, pain, infirmity to have any place in my Blood
Bought, Redeemed from sin Body!

Not only am I redeemed, but I have been given
the ministry of redeeming all of creation.
l, as the redeemed of the Lord, am now an
extension of His ministry.
I have been given the ministry of applying
His triumph to every lost or bound area of creation.
I restore to Him that which was lost through the
fall, by releasing resurrection life everywhere I go.

I am empowered by the Redeemer's seating at the
right hand of God the Father.
I have access to the Throne of Grace and
am anointed to carry out the Lord's ministry.
I am a miracle of God, in route to a divine appointment,
where I will display His triumph.

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