About Mission Botswana

Mission: Botswana is an outreach being established in Maun, Botswana.  Maun is a town on the Thamalakane River in Northwest Botswana. It is a popular destination for tourists booking safaris.  The outreach is a small beginning with a big vision of reaching the people of Maun with the message of the gospel of the Kingdom through Bible training. The Kingdom Life Training and Transformation Center is an online Bible school established for the purpose of educating Believers on the Kingdom of God.
House of the Lord is working with and helping support Tsholetso Kempho Utlwang in Maun as he is teaching and training youths to follow Christ with passion and be well taught in the Word of God. Kempho attended Texas Bible Institute in Columbus, where he made the acquaintance and subsequent partnership with the Pastors of House of the Lord, Richard & Michelle Sanders.  After ministering in their church, then returning to his home country, agreement was made to begin sharing materials from HOTL and KLTTC with young people in Maun, with HOTL's support. He works with the local youth to minister the hope that comes through knowing God. He also participates in community service programs in high schools, ministers to the needs of orphans in his area and is working to build a Creative Arts Club for youth. Having been orphaned at a very young age and growing up around the poverty that plagues so many in his country, Kempho has a heart to reach the children and youths with the love of God and the message of salvation through Christ that got Him off the streets and gave his life meaning and purpose.

One of the multiple ways House of the Lord is partnering with Mission:  Botswana is by providing access to quality Bible training through the Kingdom Life Training and Transformation Center.

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