Frequently Asked Questions

Online Giving - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please reference the following questions and answers to assist you with using the new Engage Giving platform. 
Note that the links below may route you to a 3rd party site (CDM+) which provides the Engage Giving platform for HOTL.

What is Engage Giving?
Engage giving is a new method for giving online.  This new method allows the flexibility for sowers to use debit, credit, or checking accounts for giving.  Through Engage, you can also see full record of your online giving in one location.

Why do I need an Engage giving account?
Having an Engage account logs your giving directly to your account.  This allows you to see a full history of your online giving at your convenience.  Credit card information can also be securely stored on the site, so you can give with just a few clicks.

How do I create an Engage account?
Here are some step by step instructions to set up your account:  Create a new Engage Account

How do I log into my Engage account?
Follow these simple instructions to log into your account:  Log into your Engage Account

How do I reset my Engage account password?
Here are some instructions to reset your password:  Reset your Engage Password

Can add an Engage giving link to my Mobile Device home screen?
Yes you can (for both Android and iOS devices).  Here are the instructions to do so: Add a Mobile Device Home Screen Link Please note if you use a different mobile device other than Android or iOS, you will need to use your mobile device web browser to give online.

Can I continue to give using Paypal?
Yes you may.  Paypal giving functionality will continue.  From the giving page, select "Sow by Paypal"

If you have any other questions about online giving, please contact the church office.

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