Confession to Possession
I am the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, not by works, but by divine decree.
I can do all things through the anointing that infuses me with divine ability.
I am capable of, up to and qualified for any and all situations and opportunities in life.
I rule and reign in this life by the name of, the Blood of, the Word of,
The Spirit of the Anointed Redeemer and my agreement with Him.
Health is mine, NOW. Wealth is mine NOW.
Joy, Peace and Power are resident in me.
Wealth hunts me down and overtakes me.
Demons fear me.
I have authority to establish a thing with my decree.
I lay hands on the sick and they recover.
Cancers, growths, tumors, fall off at my command.
Lack, want and need all flee from my presence.
When I show up, the yoke-destroying anointing shows up, for I flow in the divine.
Jesus is my example: The way He lived is the way I live.
The way He talked is the way I talk. The way He operated is the way I operate.
He empowers my words because His words have become my words.
Miracles flow from my lips.
I have first class living at discount prices.
I was raised up of God to function in the realm of Kings and Priests.
I have an appointment with my God-given destiny and nothing shall stop me.
The favor of God precedes me.
The peace of God permeates my presence.
I am ordained of God for success.
Money cometh to me now!

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