My New Covenant
My New Covenant is the will of My God for me and my life.
It is a legal document, sealed in Blood and ratified in Resurrection.
What it promises, I can bank on.
What it reveals, I will relish and anticipate.
What it empowers and provides, I will walk in.
His Word equals my victory.
God never tells a lie.
God is faithful and trustworthy.
There has never been a time and never will be an occasion
where God does not do exactly what He promised.
I have been given a written covenant with the God of all creation.
I am persuaded of its truth and abundance.
I am excited about all its blessings which belong to me.
He said it, I receive it, it comes to pass.
I am expectantly, excited about His covenant promises to me,
and I anxiously await their arrival. 

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